Speciality Cheese Producers & Suppliers

In this section, you’ll learn more about the Provision Trade Federation's Speciality Cheese Committee members, get links to their websites – and most importantly, further information on a sample of their best cheeses...


Bel UK (Speciality Cheese Producer)

Bel is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cheese in the world. And though you many know it best for it's Babybel range, it also produces great speciality cheeses such as Leerdammer, Boursin and Port Salut for you to enjoy.

Still a family-owned company, Bel has taken the traditional idea of cheese and turned it into a fun, healthy and delicious way of thinking about food. With 30 different brands in 120 countries, Bel has adapted its cheeses according to local tastes to make them a global phenomenon.

Head over to its website and you’ll discover a detailed corporate information.  Nutrition, recipes, food safety, sustainable development and much more! You’ll also discover each of Bel’s brands – what makes them special and where you can find them.
Bradburys (Supplier)
If you’d been selling cheese since 1884, you’d be an expert too. And Bradburys uses its expertise to bring customers an amazing range of traditional and speciality cheeses as well as branding products – standard, volume and even hand-wrapped to your specifications.

Visit Bradburys’ website and you’ll be able to explore their cheeses, brands and speciality products from across the UK and Europe – as well as some mouth-watering photography that’ll get you ready for one thing: the best in speciality cheese.

>>Head over to the website to find out more about Bradburys delicious Cheeses

Castelli UK (Speciality Cheese Producer)
Castelli UK specialises in authentic Italian cheese, imported directly from Italy.
Castelli sells speciality Italian cheeses to suppliers, to retailers and for industrial use across the UK – making sure Britain tastes the best of Italy.

Head to their website to read all about Castelli UK's  varieties of specialist Italian cheese – each with their own illustrious history and provenance – and see their new organic range.
Harvey & Brockless (Supplier)
                     For over 45 years, Harvey & Brockless have been working with artisan food producers across the globe. By developing relationships with a wide range of traditional cheesemakers, Harvey & Brockless are known for their expertise in the dairy sector and are able to offer an unrivalled artisan cheese collection.

Customers can be assured of authenticity and ethical sourcing of all of the products in the range; from dairy herd to your cheese board.  

With a nationwide network of over 70 vehicles, Harvey & Brockless are able to offer nationwide, chilled daily delivery everywhere; from the Highlands of Scotland to the beaches of Cornwall.   
» Visit the Harvey & Brockless website now or call 020 7819 6001 to find out more.

Emmi UK (Speciality Cheese Producer)
                          Discover cave-ageing – the ultimate in cheese refinement. At least that’s what the makers of Emmi’s world-famous Kaltbach cheese believe – and multiple awards don’t say otherwise.

When you visit Kaltbach’s dedicated
website, you’ll actually get a glimpse inside their famous sandstone caves, watch a video about their perfectly-aged Swiss cheese, become a friend of Kaltback and find out our cave tours and events.

Add in expert tips, nutritional tips and where to buy, and the Emmi site is a cheese-lover’s dream.

Eurilait (Speciality Cheese Producer)
Eurilait is the UK subsidiary of two leading French cooperatives, Eurial and Laita, and a major supplier of high quality speciality cheeses to Britain.

With 20 certified creameries in western France, Eurilait’s parent companies are able to produce an incredible variety of speciality of cheeses to the UK, including retail, deli or supermarket customers.

Visit their website and you’ll find a fast and comprehensive product search feature (which is really helpful), the latest news and awards and of course all the information you could want on their vast selection of cheeses and other dairy products.

Golden Acre Dairy Foods (Speciality Cheese Producer)
If you’re after some of Europe’s finest dairy products, Golden Acre is a great place to start. 

Within their range of speciality cheeses from across the EU, you’ll find everything from French Camembert to Italian Parmesan and much, much more. 

Head over to their website to get contact details and speak to a company which knows cheeses.
Interprofession du Gruyère (Speciality Cheese Producer)
Made since at least 1115 AD, cheese from the small town of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland has been revered for its outstanding quality and distinctive, fruity taste.

Today, the Interprofession de Gruyère continues one of the world’s longest cheese-making traditions by coordinating the production of Gruyère cheese to the highest quality and ensuring its ongoing AOC (Appellation d'origine contrôlée) status – so cheese-lovers the world over know they’re buying true Gruyère.

Visit the official Gruyère website and discover a treasure trove of information and images about this special cheese, its enchanting history as well as facts about its production, recipes and even games.
          Lactalis UK (Speciality Cheese Producer)
Lactalis produces a wide range of French speciality cheeses including AOC cheese – which means it’s origin-guaranteed so you can be sure it’s the original and best.

As part of the Président brand, the Lactalis website doesn’t just contain information about their great cheeses – it’s got a huge range of cheese-based recipes, the latest news and great competitions for cheese-lovers.
» Recommended French speciality cheeses to try

Arla (Speciality Cheese Producer)
The UK's largest dairy company, created following the merger of Arla Foods and Milk Link. Their farm-assured milk goes into making over 20 varieties of award-winning speciality cheeses – including Cheddars, Blue Stiltons and delicious British regional cheeses.

With creameries in England, Scotland and Wales, Arla Milk Link is a truly British cheese producer, supplying all major food retailers with home-grown, award-winning cheese.

Norseland Ltd (Speciality Cheese Producer)
The quality and consistency of Norwegian cheese producers comes together with the great range of speciality cheeses by Norseland.

The producers of world-famous Jarlsberg, Norseland is on a mission to create a range of distinctive specialty cheese brand which will become a new generation of leaders in their respective categories.

A truly global cheese company, Norseland now makes cheeses in Norway, Canada, Spain and Sicily. And when you visit its website, you’ll be able to find information about their brands, take part in promotional competitions, learn about events – and of course, get the tastiest recipes and serving suggestions for their cheeses.
Anthony Rowcliffe & Son (Supplier)
Anthony Rowcliffe & Son is Britain's leading direct importer and distributor of fine cheeses to the specialist independant trade. According to a recent Food from Britain survey, Rowcliffe & Son trades regularly with a staggering 49 per cent of all UK delicatessens

Rowcliffe's have over 100 years experience in buying and selling British and Continental cheese and regularly undertake cheese judging at the British Cheese Awards, the World Cheese Awards, Concours General, Nantwich, Yorkshire Show and Bath and West!

Rowcliffe & Son new website is definitely well worth a visit. Click here and prepare to be absolutely stunned!
The Pimpernel Wharf Agency (Supplier)

“The history and pedigree of Pimpernel Wharf is well established and they are a proven supplier of high quality continental cheeses to major international customers''.
With an established history as continental cheese procurement specialists, the origins of Pimpernel Wharf can be traced back to the 1960s. Their goal has always been to make importing cheese simple and that is exactly what they do for their customers. As a result, they have grown to become market leaders with an unrivalled ability to supply mainstream and specialist cheeses.

When you visit their website, you’ll find out exactly what this means in practice!

Savencia Fromage & Dairy UK Ltd
As the British subsidiary of the French Groupe Savencia Saveurs &  Spécialités, which specialises in cheese, dairy, seafood, delicatessen and high end chocolate, newly named (1 July 2015) Savencia Fromage & Dairy UK is home to such famous cheeses as Saint Agur, Cœur de Lion,  Le Rustique and Caprice des Dieux.
Formerly known as Bongrain ULN (UK) Ltd, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the UK’s top speciality continental cheese suppliers, bringing camembert, brie, blue cheese and more to Britain.
Head over to its website, and you’ll be able to explore its core brands, the history and making of its cheeses as well as recipes and other fun facts about cheese – not to mention some simply gorgeous photography of their core brands.
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